Alkanna tinctoria, the dyer's alkanet or alkanet, is a herb inside the borage family. Its predominant notability is its roots are used as a pink dye. The plant is likewise referred to as dyers' bugloss, orchanet, Spanish bugloss, or Languedoc bugloss. It is local to the Mediterranean location.


A. Tinctoria has a bright blue flower. The plant has a darkish crimson root of blackish look externally, however blue-purple internal, with a whitish middle. The root produces a first-rate pink colouring material, which has been used as a dye in the Mediterranean area seeing that antiquity. The root as a dyestuff is soluble in alcohol, ether, and the oils, however is insoluble in water. It is used to give shade to wines and alcoholic tinctures, to vegetable oils, and to varnishes. The colouring agent in A. Tinctoria root has been chemically isolated and named alkannin.


We employ the sparkling alkanet shape the nearby marketplace to supply stunning light to darkish beige shades on cotton, wool, silk and all natural textile substrates by standardized dyeing procedure the usage of one of a kind aggregate of herbal mordants on fibers, fabric and garments with outstanding fastness properties.