Indian madder or not unusual madder (Rubia cordifolia) belongs to a species of flowering plant within the espresso circle of relatives, Rubiaceae. It has been cultivated for a purple pigment derived from its roots. Common names of this plant encompass manjistha in Sanskrit, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali, majith in Hindi and Gujarati, Tamaralli in Telugu, Manditti in Tamil. Madder is cultivated and grows wild at some point of India, south east Asia, Turkey, Europe, south China, elements of Africa, Australia and Japan.

In historical global, manjistha is reputed as an efficient blood cleanser and subsequently is appreciably used against blood, pores and skin and urinary illnesses. The root extract has huge range of pharmacological residences consequently used in opposition to illnesses which include arthralgia, arthritis, cough, diabetes, discolouration of the pores and skin, hemorrhoids, jaundice, gradual restoration of damaged bones, tubercular conditions of the pores and skin and urethrorrhoea and so on (Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 25(1), Mar – Apr 2014; Article No. 27, Pages: 154-164.)

Madder is a complicated dyestuff containing over 20 person chemical substances. Alizarin is the most vital of those because it gives the famous warm Turkey pink and scarlet colours on fabric substrates. Other colouring compounds found in this plant is munjistin, purpurin, and a large number of yellows and browns, resulting in medium to precise fastness properties while blended with exceptional natural mordants. The invention of a synthesized anthracene compound known as alizarin, substantially reduced call for for the herbal spinoff.


We hire true Indian madder root powder to produce pink (light to darkish shades), brick pink orange, purple, crimson and brown by standardized dyeing system using one-of-a-kind aggregate of herbal mordants on fibers, fabric and clothes with proper overall performance residences including wash and mild fastness houses.