Natural Dyeing

Natural dyes are colorants derived from plants or minerals without using synthetic chemicals to process. Most of the natural dyes are derived from plants such as berries, roots, bark, flower and wood. 

Garment Color Palette

History of Natural Dyeing

On turning the wheels of time we will find that right from their evolution, human beings have fancied colors and used natural matters to stain hides and decorate shells. From the walls of ancient caves to the red fabric found in the coffin of Tutankhamen reveals the use of natural dyes presented even centuries ago.


The Process

The essential process of dyeing is to put the plant material in a pot of water and heat it to extract the dye compounds into solution with the water. 

Benefits to Health

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Our skin is the largest of the breathing organ on our body and herbs, with their Ayurvedic goodness, can help with keeping our skin safe and healthy. Herbs have some well-recorded health benefits. For example, turmeric helps in healing and moistening the skin and Indigo acts as a natural mosquito repellent.


While we may not be looking for nutritional value in our clothing, it is important to think about what we want our skin to be in contact with every second of everyday. Herbal dyes are not only free from carcinogenic components but are also natural antioxidant agents; the intake of Vitamin D is high due to natural colors from plants and easy penetration of sunlight.


Herbal dyed fabrics are good for sports activities since during physical activity when one sweats the skin pores open up and colors from the garment are absorbed so if one is wearing a chemically dyed garment the body absorbs chemicals that may be harmful in the long run.


Herbal dyed garments are good for children as their skin is sensitive and can be protected from harmful chemicals. In olden days a newborn infant use to be wrapped in a cloth dipped in turmeric so as to avoid bacterial infection. Herbal dyes are environment friendly as they are not made in a lab using synthetic chemicals, but with the goodness of nature.