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What is sustainability

To start your journey in sustainability with livbio we first want to create awareness and define sustainability to make people understand it's true meaning so that the fundamentals are always clear on your journey to live a sustainable life.

The word "sustain" simply means to hold on to the resources which we have and the word "ability" means our ability to use them effectively and wisely.

People often mistake resources as non living things which we could extract from earth. It also means the life on earth from microbes to animals, plants & trees, human beings, air, water and land. All these are resources which we have to sustain while living on the planet and how able are we to manage these resources with compassion.

The choices we make consciously while buying and it's impact is what will define sustainability for each one of us.

Someone wise once said " sustainability is often taking the least damaged way to live"

If you want to start your journey with us on how we can be Sustainable in food, clothing & home then kindly subscribe to us for more such topics.

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