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Why Natural Dyed Clothing?

Natural Dyes doesn't pollute the air

Doesn't damage your body

Doesn't contaminate the water bodies

Develops local economy and support indigenous textiles

Doesn't destroy the land we stay on 

Brings peace and joy to you and the environment 

Organic and Natural Dyed Yellow Tshirt

Why Solids

  •  It is strong, durable and hard-wearing

  • Simple, Elegant, classy & modern can be worn anytime, anywhere.

  • Never goes out of fashion

  • No discrimination against what people wear thus symbolizing equality & unity

Saves Money

  • Basic garments are affordable as they require less effort and time to make.

  • Customer will spend less money and not spend unnecessarily in ever changing fast fashion.

  • People could re-use it once the color fades at home for night wear or gym wear.

Organic cotton & Plant Dyed Tshirt
Organic cotton and herbal dyed purple shirt


  • Less raw materials used compared to other designer garments

  • Product life cycle is better than printed ones

  • Re-cycling of basic garments becomes easier for community and we can achieve the goal of having a circular economy

  • Bio-degradable and safe for environment as this becomes nutrient rich manure for the soil after decomposition. 

  • Plant based dyes are used to color our garments.

Labour friendly

  • Handloom fabrics are easy to make in plain and solid weave as it requires minimum effort and saves artisans time and money.

  • Natural dyes are safe for the labors since no toxic chemicals are involved in making them

  • Production is faster since its basic in design and labors can earn more wages 

  • Fair trade wages are given to people who are making our garments.

Organic cotton and natural dyed white kurti
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