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Lets protect it

What does sustainability mean for us?

Today the words sustainability & green living are being used for almost every product, service and lifestyle but just a few decades back people were truly sustainable in every house and the words like recycle, re-use, and up-cycle were a part of daily living.  To sustain is to be able to hold on to the resources we have and our ability to utilize or maintain them effectively and efficiently without causing harm to the planet and its living beings. This is what true sustainability means for us at Livbio.

At Livbio our supply chain works with small farmers, weavers & factories to design garments which are basic & durable, colors of garments are naturally dyed without the usage of petrol based chemicals thus ensuring protection to consumer’s health, other living species and the health of our planet. There are several questions we ponder over before creating a product

  • Is the product so necessary for an individual that it is fair to destroy bio-diversity while making it?

  • Can it be avoided? Do we have a better solution?

  • Is it sustainable for other businesses? So that we don’t have the entire pie of market share.

  • Will our product cause over consumption?

  • Will it create a change in lifestyle choices?

So at Livbio we decided to inculcate some basic ethics in our entire process which are based on 4 principles i.e. earth care, people care, animal welfare, & compassion. All our products and services are based on the foundation of these principles so that we strive to achieve a simple and non-violent based life for all the species and the planet.

Earth Care

Animal Welfare

People Care


Nature love

We all live in this beautiful blue ball and it is the only planet in our solar system which is livable as of today. We have to make sure we preserve the bio-diversity and keep it clean in order for us to survive here.


For this we have to make sure that we utilize the available resources wisely. Any over or misuse would cause air, water and land pollution which in turn will affect us and other beings. We try our best to make sure we cause less harm to our earth, people, and animals and have compassion towards them.

Our Collection of Conscious clothing 

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