Image by Kiwihug

Who we are?

Livbio is a social entrepreneurship company creating awareness about sustainability by offering simple living solutions for day-to-day life which can be implemented by everybody to deal with climate change in their own way. The company was formed on behalf of all the plants, animals, and species which went extinct or going to get extinct and give a voice to their movement in order to help protect biodiversity.


  • To help people connect with nature by offering healthy and natural products for day-to-day living which are ethically & naturally made from resources offered by nature in their true form without harming other living beings.

  • To educate people about simple living by creating awareness on food, clothing, home, and sustainability.

  • To help restore the bio-diversity and create a safe place for other living beings to live peacefully on this planet.

  • To promote organic cotton, natural dyed clothing, handspun handwoven, handloom garments which are sustainable for the planet


  • To create a world where people practice sustainability by adopting simple living in their everyday life.

  • Make sustainable living a part of human life and get people to live closer to nature.

  • Try to eradicate clothes that are artificially made from fossil fuels for day-to-day living.

  • Moving towards a minimalistic living approach in our day to day living