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About us

Livbio is a social entrepreneurship company focusing on educating & creating awareness about sustainability in our daily lives. We manufacture and sell Organic Cotton & Natural Dyed clothing, Hand Spun & Hand Woven fabrics and garments. We also educate people about Organic food, simple clothing, Sustainable homes, Animal welfare & Compassion.

The company was formed on behalf of all the plants, animals, and species to give a voice to their movement of “live & let live” in order to help protect animal rights, the biodiversity of this planet & human well-being.

We believe we could reduce the impact of climate change if we first understand the basics of why we are facing this issue and then move towards creating a change in the way we act. To achieve this we have made it our mission to first educate people about the issues we are facing due to the conventional textile industry, food industry and housing industry. We truly believe once people are educated about this they will always make a conscious and better decisions for themselves and the planet.

Our Responsibities

Towards Customer

We feel each and every person should ask the company below questions before buying any product or service. This will be a start towards being sustainable and they will be self aware and make better decisions. We at livbio would love to answer all of them if anybody is curious to know more about us. Kindly send us an email or call us.

  • How this product was made (Resources used)

  • Where it was made ( Locally made or Imported)

  • People who made are happy doing your garments and got fair wages?

  • Is this product healthy for you and our planet

  • Will it impact the environment after you discard it

  • Why are you buying this product

Towards our supply chain

Not only farmers, but we are committed to every person involved in the production process of our Organic Clothing that they are being paid as per fair trade wages. We make sure that we provide a healthy and safe working environment for our supply chain partners. Keeping a philanthropic approach, we would also help these supply chain partners in revamping their interest in extracting more out the clothing industries.

Towards our environment

Buying Clothes created from organic cotton would help us to control carbon emission levels. It will also improve the water quality of rivers in cities and villages and therefore enhance the irrigation capabilities of states. Naturally dyed clothing can be recycled and is also biodegradable, thus reducing landfills globally. Organic garments help us protect biodiversity and are a hope for a better and sustainable future.

Towards our farmers

Buying clothing made out of organic cotton would inspire more and more farmers to indulge in the cultivation of it. This would protect the farmers from the health hazards of growing genetically modified cotton. The process will also make the land more fertile than before and help the farmers grow other crops in the Rabi season. At livbio we will ensure that fair wages are given to the farmers who are associated with us. In an effort to improve their living conditions as well as towards their education, we will also contribute 5% of our total revenue as our social responsibility.

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