Week 1: Introduction to Simple Food 


Session 1: Overview of Simple Food


  • Introduction to the course objectives, definition of food and its importance
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of food, environment, and society.


Session 2 – Who grows our food & why its important 


  • Foundations of Agriculture
  • Farmers welfare: Issues, rights, fair pricing.
  • Impact of climate change on agriculture.
  • Commercialization of farming lands and its consequences.


Week 2: Making Healthy Food Choices


Session 1: Healthy Food Choices


  • Simple home food vs. packaged food.
  • Understanding the impact of packaged and chemically processed food on health.
  • Reduction in nutritional value in food


Session 2: Healthy Snacks and Overeating


  • How to make healthy snacks at home.
  • Overeating and its consequences.


Week 3: Environmental Impacts and Preservation


Session 1: Environmental Impacts


  • Impact of the meat industry on the environment.
  • Soil erosion and degradation.
  • Impact of chemicals and pesticides on the environment and human health.




Session 2: Food Security and Preservation


  • Food security and its significance.
  • Preserving food culture and seeds.
  • Food waste management.


Week 4: Sustainable Farming Practices and Conclusion


Session 1: Sustainable Farming Practices


  • What is Permaculture & what are its ethics.
  • Biodiversity and its importance in agriculture.
  • Growing your own food



Session 2: Conclusion and Practical Applications


  • Recap of key learnings.
  • Discussion on practical applications in daily life.
  • Future steps towards promoting sustainability in food systems.


Why choose this course?


This course structure ensures a progressive learning journey, starting with defining what is food, issues in our farming, the basics of sustainable food systems and gradually delving into more specific topics, ending with practical applications and reflections on personal and societal impacts. Each session can include interactive elements, discussions, and activities to engage learners effectively within the one-month duration of the course. 


Join us to learn about simple food and get right knowledge about what you consume, know where your food is coming from and who is growing it, how it is grown and understand nutrition to make better choices in your food. 

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