Week 1: Understanding Sustainability


Session 1: Introduction to Sustainability: Definition and understanding fundamentals

Session 2: Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Building Businesses with Purpose

Session 3: Circular Economy: Closing the Loop for a Sustainable Future



Week 2: Waste Management and Climate Resilience


Session 1: Integrated Waste Management: 7 Rs 

Session 2: Climate Disaster Management: Preparedness and Resilience Strategies

Session 3: Water and Its Ripple Effects: Understanding the Impact on Environment and




Week 3: Addressing Environmental Challenges


Session 1: Plastic Pollution: Strategies for Reduction and Mitigation

Session 2: Climate Change & Global Warming: Impacts and Adaptation Measures

Session 3:  Community Development: Empowering Local Communities for sustainable change


Week 4: Sustainable Global Solutions


Session 1: Sustainable Tourism: Balancing Economic Growth with Environmental Conservation

Session 2: Biomimicry: Learning from Nature to Create Sustainable Solutions

Session 3: What is ESG & why it’s important

Session 4:  Climate Finance & Ethical Investment - Aligning Finances with Values

Session 5 - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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