Week 1: Understanding Clothing and Its Evolution


  • Introduction to Clothing and Its History
  • Embracing Simple Clothing: Less is More


Week 2: Natural Dyed Clothing


  • Natural Dyeing as alternative & eco-Friendly Colours from Nature
  • Exploring Ayurvedic Clothing & why its connected to our five senses
  • What is Artificial Toxic Clothing & its associated risks
  • Conscious Shopping: How to Analysing a Product Before Buying


Week 3: Overconsumption & Sustainable Wardrobe Management


  • Understanding Overconsumption and its triggers 
  • Strategies to Overcome Overconsumption
  • Preventing Post-Consumption Pollution
  • Wardrobe Audit: Simplifying Your Closet
  • Mindful Consumption: Living with Purpose
  • Colour Psychology: What role does colours play in our daily life. 


Week 4: Ethical Issues in Fashion


  • Human/ Animal Rights in Fashion: Ensuring Fair Practices
  • Understanding Greenwashing
  • Environmental Impact: From Resource Extraction to Pollution
  • Microplastic Pollution: Clothing's Hidden Impact
  • Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion: Making Informed Choices
  • Responsible Discarding: Giving New Life to Old Clothes


Benefits of Enrolling:


Simplicity, Authenticity and Self-Expression


Learn practical strategies for simplifying your wardrobe and reducing stress in your daily life by managing your clothing expenses with ease. Also discover how embracing simplicity in your clothing choices allows you to express your true self authentically, reflecting your values and priorities effortlessly.


Environmental Consciousness


Reduce your fashion footprint by adopting minimalist practices that promote sustainability and respect for the planet, contributing to a healthier environment for future generations. Also become more aware of how our clothing could help animals & marine life keep safe. 


Enhanced Well-Being


Experience a deeper sense of contentment and confidence as you curate a wardrobe filled only with items that bring you joy and align with your spiritual goals & freeing yourself from the burden of excess and give you some free time to bond with your loved ones. 


Join us in embracing the beauty of simple clothing and creating a wardrobe that gives you peace, good health and sense of satisfaction. 


Career Advancement Opportunities: 


For students pursuing textile courses or fashion design or aspire to start a sustainable clothing brand this course provides valuable knowledge and skills needed for this industry. Learn how to source sustainable materials, design with circularity in mind, and communicate your brand's values effectively to consumers. It will guide you to build a successful and environmentally responsible business. 



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