Acacia Catechu is commonly referred to as catechu or trap, an extract of acacia bushes used variously as a meals additive, astringent, tannin, and dye. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae. The trap powder is ready from steeping the timber of the Acacia catechu tree in warm water until a syrupy liquid emerges. This is dried and then ground into powder. Cutch is commonplace to maximum parts of India, Burma, Indonesia and Peru. Acacia catechu is broadly distributed at some point of the extra part of India besides the most humid, cold and the driest regions. Indian cutch is by way of far the most stunning.


The distinctive elements of the tree have a ramification of medicinal makes use of, which in haemoptysis (spitting of blood). A paste of the bark is useful in conjunctivitis. The bark is said to be useful in the remedy of snake bites. As an astringent it's been used on account that historical instances in Ayurvedic medication as well as in breath-freshening spice combinations-for example in France and Italy it's miles utilized in a few licorice pastilles. It is also an crucial factor in South Asian cooking paan combinations, which include prepared-made paan masala.


The catechu powder is excessive in natural vegetable tannins (catechin and catechol, which accounts for its astringent impact), and used for the tanning of animal hides as well as the dye aspect catechin. It is without difficulty soluble in water. The brown dye is used for dyeing and also for maintaining fishing nets and sails. Cutch will dye wool, silk, and cotton in brown sunglasses.

We appoint the natural catechu dye in powder form to supply brown (mild to darkish sunglasses), grey and so forth by using standardized dyeing manner using unique aggregate of herbal mordants on fibers, cloth and clothes with superb fastness properties.